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Different kind of airsoft replicas

Manual Air Gun
The rearmament is a manual spring: a spring must be reset for each shot. The spring usually draw one ball at a time. Their precision is generally lower than other types of replicas. Bid: our suggestions. A bolt is an improved version of spring for shooting accuracy (snipe).

The GBB (Gas Blow-Back), uses gas to propel the ball. Their operating principle is based on the principle of semi-automatic: gbb use a portion of gas to slide to each move the yoke back and simulate the ejection of a cartridge. Each pressure on the trigger causes the percussion of a valve which will release a portion of gas. These replicas are not functioning well in winter gas not having the opportunity to dilate properly at low temperatures. With a gas refilling of plus or minus 2 seconds, you want (a good temperature) 2 shippers. With a litre of gas, you can do about 40 refills (hence 80 chargers 25 balls).

The NBB (Non Blow-Back) also use gas to propel the ball but their head is fixed. The loading of beads made of a mechanical pressure relaxation. The GNB consume less gas than GBB (since the breech is operated by gas). Bid: our suggestions

The automatic launcher (or AEG for Automatic Electric Gun): they eject the ball burst through an electrical system relatively simple: a battery supplies energy to an engine that drives gears which will themselves lead to a piston that will compress a resort. Once the cycle is complete, the gear release the piston that will compress a volume of air more or less following the cylinder installed by the action of the spring (which will relax violently). These replicas can use a self-sustained and fairly high in terms of capacity and the battery power used. Their power is changed by a simple change in the spring, but the strengthening of many pieces may be necessary to maintain the reliability of the reply and avoid breakage. Their operating principle is similar to replicas therefore spring but with the help of an electrical system. The AEG are usually machine guns.

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