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What is l'airsoft ?

Airsoft : what is it ?
Airsoft is similar to very popular paintball. Airsoft is an entertainment activity opposing serveral players which eliminate opponents by hitting them with 6mm plastic bullets. Participants use varying types of weapons designed as replicas of real guns.

The base of airsoft is easy: two group of players attempt to complete various objectives (such as destroy a target, capture the flag, defend the base, etc.). They have the possibility to eliminate each other by hitting their oponents with plastic pellets.

The shooting is ended by airsoft guns which make use of air power to fire small plastic pellets (typically biodegradable). These pellets do not cause any damage, neither hurt the skin. The only needed protections are safety glasses.

Spring airsoft guns require to cock the weapon for every single shot, usually with a slide or lever action.
Gas guns are airsoft guns powered by compressed gas.
Airsoft automatic electric guns, or AEGs, are fully-automatic, and powered by a rechargable battery. A motor drives a spring piston that rapidly cycles each shot.

Airsoft was created in Japon during the 1970s.

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Airsoft Videos
More than words, it is easier to understand airsoft with a video :

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Parody about airsoft
More than words, it is easier to understand airsoft with a video :

War Game : not very wise ?
War is far to be a game... but airsoft is not playing to war... it is playing to war game...

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