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Begin airsoft and choose your replica

You want play, but you hesit to invest in equipment and you donít know with who to play? Stop ! The beginning is a very important thing. This page will answer to your questions and told you what you have to know when you want to begin airsoft and to choose your first replica.

Where and with who play

The airsoft is a quite new discipline, at the moment there arenít officials sports federations and officials clubs in most countries. A lot of airsoft teams are groups of friends who meet regulary to practice the activity. Some teams are very open and others are private.

So you have many choices:

  • Find a good team who accept you
  • Found your team with your friends
  • Become a freelancer and play public games
But you have to look at the website pages and forums of airsoft teams.

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Base equipment

To practise airsoft you must have: (with a budget of 150 dollars or 150 euros)
-a replica (you can see our suggestions)
-protection glasses

Beginners will choose an A.E.G (example:AK47 cyma) which you can buy on our advertisements or on an airsoft shop.

Find his budget to buy a replica

We can find three families of A.E.G:

-Famous replicas with high quality construction like : Tokyo Marui, classic army, ICS, G&P, systema, tanaka, maruzen. ( a good investment for regulary practice ) The budget start at 250 euro for an AEG equipped of a battery.
-Cheap replicas : made in China and which are a copy of Marui replicas.
Sometimes a cheap copy can be made with a serious construction and sometimes it can be a very bad deal. But you can do a good deal if you choose a cheap replica like: Jing Gong or Cyma.
You can have an AEG equipped of a battery, a battery charger, a cleaning stalk and a strap for a budget wich start at 120 euro
-And bad deals wich we will not talk about.

Do your own opinion on the question! Is it necessary to invest in a high quality replica? Is it too risked to buy a cheap replica?You are the only who can answer to this question. But we advice beginners to choose a Cyma replica.

Choose a model of replica

This is criterions to help you:

  • The ergonomy: ask to person who you know to try the model for you
  • Look: see on the internet and ask to friends if the finishing are good.
  • Popularity: famous models of replica are generally good (not always!)
  • Cutting: choose ashort replica if you to play in interior

You can see examples of replica models here:








Try before buy

A replica is an expensive object, weak and important for his owner. So donít worry if the possessor donít want to let you play with it.

But, you can try before buy your replica:

  • The teams have probably a cheap replica and they can let news members try it.
  • Some persons rent they replica for 20 euro
Whatever people tell you to do: to practice airsoft you have to always wear your protection glasses

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