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Replica : Bargains

We selected the best purchase in three category of replica : spring ( manual), gaz and electric.
The web search engine allow you to consult complete rapports about any replica, Don't forgot to consult the section « Shopping Advices » and to ask your questions on the « Forum ».

Manual - Spring
The spring rearmement is manual : a spring must be rearms to all shot. Spring has the advantage to don't be expensive and to work by all weather ( and without supplementary equipment). But they aren't very powerful and haven't automatic possibilities.

Gas - GBB & GNB
Mainly pistols, the ideal to good quality airsoft with small price ! Every snap on the trigger makes a drum on the valve, then a small part of the gaz is liberate. The gaz doesn't work ( well ) by cold weather ( less than 13°C ) , their price isn't expensive and their durability is rather good.

Electrical - AEG
The automatic launcher ( or AEG , Automatic Electric Gun ) eject bullets in burst with an electric system. There is a lot of different AEG, their price is more expensive.

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