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Game objectives

Airsoft games propose one or more objectives to be completed by just one or both teams. Here's some objectives ideas:
Team Deathmatch

The goal is to eliminate all members of the opposite team.


Everybody plays for his own count. Maybe played in paire with a teammate.


One player is promoted VIP. He's protected by his team and must reach "alive" a selected location. To win, the other team must elimintate the VIP enroute before he reached the point.

Capture the Flag

A flag (or bomb, document, missile,...) is placed between the teams. Each teams try to capture the flag and take it back in his own base.

Double CTF

Every team own a flag in his base. Both teams try to capture the opposite flag while they try to protect their own flag. If the ennemy flag is captured while your own flag his away, you must re-capture it before you score the point.


Same thing as the VIP game. One team must deliver an object (heavy crate, wheelbarrow,...) The other team tries to stop and destroy de convoy.


One team hold one or more hostages. The other team tries to free and drive the hostages in safe zone.

Secret Docs or Hidden Flag

One team build a respawn point and some H.Q. A secret doc or a flag is hidden in one of them. The other team tries to find the doc (or the flag) and must take it back to their base.

War for Fuel

Each team owned a certain amount of fuel barrel (bottle filled with water). The goal is to steal the ennemy stock and to protect it's own.

Return of living deads

Two players are zombies. They are wounded for only 10 sec when they're hit. A sane player is zombified when he's hit by a zombie's shot or if he leaves the game zone.

The Great Escape

An entire team tries to reach the evac zone while the other team tries to counter.


One or more mines are planted on the field. One team protect the mines and the other tries to defuse them before they explode.


At the begining, all territories are neutral. The goal is to control points by placing the team's color on them. A controled point become a spawn point. A point can be re-captured or reset to neutral.


Doors can be locked. An explosive charge must be placed to blow the door

Vital Point

A object or person must be protected. It's vital point is represented by a paper target to be hit or a balloon to be exploded.

High Tec War

A disk or a CD-rom containing a secret software must be found and bring back to the HQ and must be read on an old laptop.

The pilot

A pilot crashed somewhere in the field. He must avoid the ennemy patrols while the rescue team tries to find him. The rescue team and the pilot must reach the evac zone.

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